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Rafting 2010!

Better late than never? Here is the famous wetsuit dancing…LIVE!


Amish Country.

We went to visit the Amish Country, or more specifically the Amish Village. When we went there we thought it was a real village with real Amish people in it, so when we pulled up after an hour or so of driving we felt a bit disappointed that it was more like an museum and no real Amish.

However we were positively surprised as the tour was very informative and interesting and also on the way home we saw a lot of Real Amish houses and also Real Amish people in buggies! After the informative tour we knew what to look for when trying to spot an Amish house. Apparently they live among all the “English” people and do not have their own “villages”. And also they use propane gas and diesel engines, I would call that cheating…

The Amish Bible – in German

Typical kitchen

Junior posing

Old peoples outfits

More Amish outfits, from the ankles down it is apparently optional…

Schoolhouse, a sign about something like “even if you are slow, as long as you do your best it is ok…” or something like that 🙂

The buggie!

Real Amish house!

By night.

Something I have not showed so much yet is Las Vegas by night! Also we realized that in most casinos you were not allowed to videotape but you could take pictures, so here is a mix of slot machines and crazy buildings!

Junior hitting the slots!

At the Tropicana Casino

MGM Grand

New York New York

The Strip

Ooops! Caught on camera!

Studio 54! (minus the drugs)

In Las Vegas we hade one amazing partynight. We started with some pre-party in our hotel room. You can really tell we had fun ;P To be honest I have been in Vegas 3 times now, but only once took my ass into a club. So I cannot say if this is the best club on the strip, but I can say that we went to Studio 54 at the MGM Grand and damn we had fun! We danced until they made us leave the place at 4 or 5 in the morning. Awsome music and really a good club.

And ladies, there are apparently a LOT OF GUYS IN VEGAS!!!!! At lest 3 hot tub offers during the night, and men everywhere. Well, I guess gambling and beer attracts the opposite sex!

Damn I was tanned!

With lovely Junior playing some drunken UNO

And went to Studio 54 at MGM Grand and danced our asses off until early morning!

Playing with my honey.

Some more memories from Las Vegas, some pool fighting at the Tropicana 🙂 God I love vacation!

Surfing in Hawaii.

Here are some pics of Claes surfing and me mostly falling down (although I did stand up on the board twice!). We surfed in Waikiki with an instructor from Ty Gurney Surf School, I can really recommend them we had the time of our lives! And our instructor was great, without him I would probably not stand up even once…

Waiting for the instructor to transport me to a wave!

Trying to get up…

Claes surfing! He rocked!

Me kicking some surfing ass!

Claes kicking ass on the waves…

Falling down…

Mall instructions.


In the Cheltenham mall in Philadelphia they had a funny sign… you could really feel that you were in the hood 😛

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