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The Ryan Air Experience.

I have so much fun to tell you about Ryan air and I need to sit down and really compose my thoughts. But I can tell you this, it really took some effort to get to the Charleroi Airport this morning! We were there really early but the 8:30 bus was already filling up. When the next 9:00 bus arrived, we ran, we elbowed and kicked some carry on’s in order to get a seat on the bus!

It was really the law of the Jungle there and the Italians and French people just screamed and pusched and tried to get ahead! Luckily I am not really Swedish and my Fiancee does know how to act un-swedish-like. So we got on. But it was a close call! Haha, so there is a lot of extra that comes with flying with Ryan Air. But we always like a challenge 🙂