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Just a quickey…

Just saying hello and that I am still alive. Yesterday was great we went to a West End musical, Thriller: Live, and it was AWSOME! Damn MJ was good, the show was great, both thte singers and dancers really impressed me and got us in the mood for more action during the evening.

We accidentally went into a bar/pub/club type of thing we just walked by after the musical and damn there was action indeed! A few tequila shots and wine glasses later I woke up today and did not feel up for a session at the gym. My dear fiancee did go though he is so good!

We had a lot of adventures yesterday and I will give a full report with pictures when we come back on Sunday. Today the plan is Portobello rd and a Millwall game. Since we are leaving really really early tomorrow (think the train to Stansted is like 04:00) we thought we would do a all nighter and party until it is time. I am just afraid that in the party frenzie we will miss our flight or something because last night was awsome. I LOVE LONDON!

ps. Forgot the funniest thing yesterday. We bought another small suitcase so that my lovely fiancee can check in his new CANS! I am not sure I have mentioned this can collection. Well it is very real.


The last of it’s kind.

2007 was the year we went for the last of our “Charter-going-with-the-girls-getting-hammered-trip”. Though this trip was awesome and fun, we started a whole bar on a Sunday evening and also got to drink all night for free for example, we realized that this part of our lives might be over. That we might be a little too old for this type of trip (Everyone was waaaay younger – but we were still coolest).

But hey, I always knew how to drink (still do!) so blueberry-soup-shots, tequila and Mythos (greek beer) kept us company during this week. I need to look back at these memories as BFF just moved to the other side of the country 😦

Well below you can enjoy some party pictures from Rhodes, Greece! I believe the bar most frequently visited was Grabbarna Grus I think? Girls do I remember correctly?

Laughing out loud.

We slept some yesterday as we had an overnight flight. We did however go out for dinner in the evening and checked out the action down at fishermans warf.

We saw a great comedy show at the warf and drank champagne from California. It was a great night that ended at a local pub close to our hotel between lombard and chestnut. It was packed and the party feeling was really there!

Now it is time for a new day with new opportunities!

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Poland is good for party.

When in Torun we always try to see what is up on the party scene. Usually we hang out in pubs, sitting outside in the warm summer night but sometimes we also go out dancing. And that is not bad at all! The underground clubs are always the best…

This is actually the year I broke myself, I tore the cruciate ligament and the external ligament in my left knee. Well I did not know that it was this bad when I went on this trip and partied on crutches. I hope that I would be smarter and stay sober if I knew how much trouble I was in 🙂

Where it all began.

I thought that maybe showing you my first trip would be a good way to start this blog off. I was 17 years old and went on my first “unsupervised” trip abroad. Of course I went to a party place in the sun together with my 4 best girlfriends to dance and drink (as we were not allowed to do in Sweden).

It was not a particularly cultural trip, mostly we were lying in the sun and kept our minds in a steady haze thanks to the Bulgarian vodka which tasted like nail polish remover (of course we mixed it with Sprite and lemon). So the destination that opened my eyes and awoken my curiosity was Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Who would have guessed?

I have very fond memories from this trip and also I remember how much fun we had! You do not go on trips like this one with your girlfriends any more. It might have something to do with all of us having boyfriends though…