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New walk down memory lane.

Looking at these great “regular-camera pictures” make me smile each time. Damn my hair was long and black. Damn we looked so young and innocent (or?)! Damn we had the time of our lives!

The best part was the fake henna tattoos we got the last day. We did all tattoo “Error 137” which was something that we came up with during a really hung over breakfast buffet. We had a buffet at our hotel with heaps of egg dishes, omelets, eggs, egg salad, pancakes you name it! If it had egg in it, it was on the buffet.  I think the error came with brain malfunction after too many sex on the beaches…

Anyway my mom and dad thought it was a real one when I came home and the yelling and screaming and fantastic panicked facial expressions were worth each of the 5 Levas or whatever we paid for the tattoos 🙂