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The last of it’s kind.

2007 was the year we went for the last of our “Charter-going-with-the-girls-getting-hammered-trip”. Though this trip was awesome and fun, we started a whole bar on a Sunday evening and also got to drink all night for free for example, we realized that this part of our lives might be over. That we might be a little too old for this type of trip (Everyone was waaaay younger – but we were still coolest).

But hey, I always knew how to drink (still do!) so blueberry-soup-shots, tequila and Mythos (greek beer) kept us company during this week. I need to look back at these memories as BFF just moved to the other side of the country 😦

Well below you can enjoy some party pictures from Rhodes, Greece! I believe the bar most frequently visited was Grabbarna Grus I think? Girls do I remember correctly?


New walk down memory lane.

Looking at these great “regular-camera pictures” make me smile each time. Damn my hair was long and black. Damn we looked so young and innocent (or?)! Damn we had the time of our lives!

The best part was the fake henna tattoos we got the last day. We did all tattoo “Error 137” which was something that we came up with during a really hung over breakfast buffet. We had a buffet at our hotel with heaps of egg dishes, omelets, eggs, egg salad, pancakes you name it! If it had egg in it, it was on the buffet.  I think the error came with brain malfunction after too many sex on the beaches…

Anyway my mom and dad thought it was a real one when I came home and the yelling and screaming and fantastic panicked facial expressions were worth each of the 5 Levas or whatever we paid for the tattoos 🙂

Alanya 2006.

When we are on the subject of crazy girl trips to warm countries, why not continue? After the Bulgaria trip in 2003 we would have to wait until Alanya 2006 before we dared to make a girl-trip again.

This time we were nervous that maybe we are now too old to be going on a “Charter” trip? But we decided that since we are, we will go all out! So of course we brought a flag and drank cosmopolitans on the plane. How else can you find vacation peace among all children?