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Rafting 2010!

Better late than never? Here is the famous wetsuit dancing…LIVE!


Amish Country.

We went to visit the Amish Country, or more specifically the Amish Village. When we went there we thought it was a real village with real Amish people in it, so when we pulled up after an hour or so of driving we felt a bit disappointed that it was more like an museum and no real Amish.

However we were positively surprised as the tour was very informative and interesting and also on the way home we saw a lot of Real Amish houses and also Real Amish people in buggies! After the informative tour we knew what to look for when trying to spot an Amish house. Apparently they live among all the “English” people and do not have their own “villages”. And also they use propane gas and diesel engines, I would call that cheating…

The Amish Bible – in German

Typical kitchen

Junior posing

Old peoples outfits

More Amish outfits, from the ankles down it is apparently optional…

Schoolhouse, a sign about something like “even if you are slow, as long as you do your best it is ok…” or something like that 🙂

The buggie!

Real Amish house!

Mall instructions.


In the Cheltenham mall in Philadelphia they had a funny sign… you could really feel that you were in the hood 😛

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White water rafting!

Today we went rafting in the Hudson river, as usual with water activities I was nervous as hell and scared half to death before we got on the raft and started paddling. It proved that I was a good paddler and white water rafter so I ended up having a lot of fun. Jumping off a 3 meter high cliff into the water was a real adrenalin kick! Damn I was scared…

I have both pictures and also a movie of parts of my family DANCING in wet suits. There is nothing like a tight rubber body stocking to make you feel all sexy ;P I promise to share shortly!

Now I am packed and cannot believe that tomorrow is the last day of this magnificent vacation. Each time we go away I am wondering how it could become better than the previous one and in some way it always succeeds in doing just that. I have to admit that leaving this warm and nice place for 12 degrees Celsius in Gothenburg (on Tuesday according to my weather-god) really gives me an anxiety attack of the highest degree. I sort of feel depressed. I think I am a person that thrives in warmer climates.

At least I have a lot of memories and experiences from this trip, and tons of pictures and movies to prepare and share with you! Thank you for coming with me this time. Aloha!

Hot Day in Amish country.

Today we have visited Amish country in Pennsylvania. It was actually cool to see the fake village and take the tour, a lot of interesting information as we do not know so much about the Amish.

Hot day today as well! I got to taste yummy Amish made Apple cider and on the way home we saw actual Amish people! Real Amish in boogies! But the Amish do not like to be photographed so we only have pics of fake Amish stuff and a line of real Amish clothes 😛

Now Going white water rafting in the Hudson river! Pics coming later..

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Tired feet.

We Have shopped for like 7 hours today. Shopping is truly hard work! But I am really happy with the stuff I have bought, also happy that I came with an empty suitcase 😛

So with regards to shopping we have done downtown Philadelphia and south street, king of prussia mall (the biggest and best mall ever) and the small cheltenham mall close to our house here. The best today was that I got a 5 dollar discount on already cheap purple converse 🙂

Also I got to go to forever21 aka the cheapest store in the world. I bet it would kick primarks ASS…

Tomorrow we will go to an Amish village (need some culture after all this materializing) and then off to white water rafting in the Hudson river on Saturday. AWSOME!

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Dollar is down at 7.15 sek, King of Prussia here i come! perfect Day to shop.

spent some Money yesterday as Well hoho 🙂

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