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La la land…

This is the first time I was in USA, 2006. Me and my dear mom went to LA, below eating Chinese at the airport 🙂

The first thing that struck and fascinated me about LA were all the palm trees! Can you imagine a girl from the North (very north) of Sweden get out of a plane and just be surrounded by a beautiful blue sky and palm trees as far as the eye can see? Fantastic! Will remember that for the rest of my life, my first day in LA.


LA 2006.

My first time in LA was kind of funny. LA does not have a center and it was difficult to know where to live. We managed to get a nice 3 star hotel downtown. It proved to be not so good location, the whole downtown was dead and a few streets down people got shot in the evening.

But we had fun anyways! But I learned that in LA you need a car to get around. We rode the bus to the Santa Monica Beach, for like 30 minutes each day. Fortunately we could take the subway to Hollywood and Universal Studios Boardwalk. At least then, LAs subway was quite new and they only had 4 lines (and most of it was really above ground, not so sub).

I did like LA in a way, I like Santa Monica 3rd street promenade because it was cosy, a lot of shops and I bought my gorgeous Diesel boots there. I liked the Santa Monica Beach and the Pier because it wa so cool to see it in real life after having seen it on TV (Baywatch!!). But overall LA did not really grow on me, it was a bit too spread out and I could not really figure this town out. Maybe next time I will rent a car and experience it in a new way 🙂