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By night.

Something I have not showed so much yet is Las Vegas by night! Also we realized that in most casinos you were not allowed to videotape but you could take pictures, so here is a mix of slot machines and crazy buildings!

Junior hitting the slots!

At the Tropicana Casino

MGM Grand

New York New York

The Strip

Ooops! Caught on camera!


Studio 54! (minus the drugs)

In Las Vegas we hade one amazing partynight. We started with some pre-party in our hotel room. You can really tell we had fun ;P To be honest I have been in Vegas 3 times now, but only once took my ass into a club. So I cannot say if this is the best club on the strip, but I can say that we went to Studio 54 at the MGM Grand and damn we had fun! We danced until they made us leave the place at 4 or 5 in the morning. Awsome music and really a good club.

And ladies, there are apparently a LOT OF GUYS IN VEGAS!!!!! At lest 3 hot tub offers during the night, and men everywhere. Well, I guess gambling and beer attracts the opposite sex!

Damn I was tanned!

With lovely Junior playing some drunken UNO

And went to Studio 54 at MGM Grand and danced our asses off until early morning!

Playing with my honey.

Some more memories from Las Vegas, some pool fighting at the Tropicana 🙂 God I love vacation!

Eating in Vegas.

Yesterday we started the day with a great breakfast buffet at Excalibur, the knights at the round table. It was AWSOME! We could really go on our long trip to the Grand Canyon with that base.

Going to Excalibur

All you can eat!


Some gambling.


Going down to the casino and try my luck after a road trip to the grand canyon in the coolest cab ever! A mustang…

I am a little behind on the updating but I am quite busy with the best vacation ever 🙂

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Exercise – check!


We have been at the gym this morning, it actually felt good after last night.

I will tell you more about it later, now breakfast!

What I can tell is that we were up 24 hours yesterday…

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Sometimes a picture says more than 1000 words.

New bikini

Awsome pool

Crazy nr 1

Crazy 2

Nice hot weather.

More chilling by the pool