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Surfing in Hawaii.

Here are some pics of Claes surfing and me mostly falling down (although I did stand up on the board twice!). We surfed in Waikiki with an instructor from Ty Gurney Surf School, I can really recommend them we had the time of our lives! And our instructor was great, without him I would probably not stand up even once…

Waiting for the instructor to transport me to a wave!

Trying to get up…

Claes surfing! He rocked!

Me kicking some surfing ass!

Claes kicking ass on the waves…

Falling down…


Hula hula at paradise cove.

On Tuesday this week we went to paradise cove to engage in some hawaiian activities, eat a hawaiian buffet and see a real hula show. It was all real fun and the hula dancers were amazing! The best part of everyhing was the sunset. So beautiful!

Throwing things.

Getting tatooed

on the beach

Flower shower


Hula dancing!

Love in Waikiki.



Celebrating today with a cheesecake 🙂

Lanikai beach.

Here is a very nice beach we are going to visit today to see the sunset!

Beach hanging

me 🙂


Enjoying life…

This is really what life is all about 🙂

Now we are revisiting the Hanuma Bay and Lanikai beach. The best things should be done at least twice! 🙂 Tomorrow I will get our CD with our surfing movie and pictures.

Hanuma Bay.

Sunday we visited the above 2 beaches. Hanuma Bay is great snorkling as it is all on a reef. Lanikai beach was probably the most beautiful beach I have been on. A real pretty sight! Let us start with hanuma Bay…

Our car

Hanuma Bay

Claes checking out the fish

Beautiful beach in Hanuma Bay

Lovers 🙂


This might have been the most awsome thing i have done in my entire life. I admit, I was a slow learner, Claes got the hang of the standing almost right away. But finally when I got to stand up and ride an entire wave, it was so awsome! The best feeling ever!

I am really hooked now, surfing is much more fun that I could have imagined. And now at least I know how to stand up on the board 🙂 Pictures and MOVIES coming up of my tumbles down in the water 😛


I am really sorry that I have not provided more pictures. I have tons of beautiful views from the beaches we have visited. Snorkling in Hanuma Bay, the gorgeous Lanikai beach, Sunset beach up in the North, of course Waikiki beach and yesterday we went to Paradise Cove for some hawaiian games and a great hula show!

Now we are going surfing in a few minutes and I am very nervous, probably going to drown but I hope you all will keep your fingers crossed for me that I make it standing up on the board! I will try to get some pictures up this afternoon because I know how eager you are to see how we are doing here. I am telling you this though, Hawaii is really paradise. I love it here, never want to leave!