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More pics!


Squirrel posing…

Eating ice cream


Grand Canyon.

This is the second timeĀ  at the Canyon for me and Junior but Claes was a first-timer. It is so cool, you cannot really describe it, you have to see it for yourself. Experience it! But I must say that the digital SLR camera has captured as much of the beauty as it is possible at the South Rim of the Canyon.

The crime scene of the melted peanut butter cup.

Me going off the edge of the Canyon!

Claes staying in balance…

Junior posing at the South Rim

Me and my honey.

The car.

We rented a cab to drive to Grand Canyon. Of course we took the cheapest one they had but still we could not have imagined that we would get an awsome cab like this one! A really cool Ford Mustang in white. What else can you wish for except nice weather? And of course we had that, we are in the desert.

Wind in my hair…

The backseat…

The Mustang!