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Last day in London.

Well the last day spent in london was great too. Maybe the weather was not the best but I got to see a real trailor park for the first time in my life! Live! It was of course Millwall, not the most classy neighbourhood in London I guess.

The game was great fun, a lot of crazy Brittish dudes yelling and swearing. They actually insulted their own players as much as the opponents and of course the “ref”. The “ref” really sucked, even I would admit to that ;P

After the game I put my lovely fiancée at a gay pub (by mistake though haha) and I myself went across the street to Primark in order to spend some money. As usually with Primark, I did not spend so much but got a lot of nice stuff! Pics coming soon…


Just a quickey…

Just saying hello and that I am still alive. Yesterday was great we went to a West End musical, Thriller: Live, and it was AWSOME! Damn MJ was good, the show was great, both thte singers and dancers really impressed me and got us in the mood for more action during the evening.

We accidentally went into a bar/pub/club type of thing we just walked by after the musical and damn there was action indeed! A few tequila shots and wine glasses later I woke up today and did not feel up for a session at the gym. My dear fiancee did go though he is so good!

We had a lot of adventures yesterday and I will give a full report with pictures when we come back on Sunday. Today the plan is Portobello rd and a Millwall game. Since we are leaving really really early tomorrow (think the train to Stansted is like 04:00) we thought we would do a all nighter and party until it is time. I am just afraid that in the party frenzie we will miss our flight or something because last night was awsome. I LOVE LONDON!

ps. Forgot the funniest thing yesterday. We bought another small suitcase so that my lovely fiancee can check in his new CANS! I am not sure I have mentioned this can collection. Well it is very real.

Blue Moon.


Having a relaxing beer at Henrys’ bar on piccadilly after a lot of walking Today! Have Today seen Chelsea, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, my Old dutch pancake house and much more!

This morning started with the gym at the Hilton London Metropole so we are really working Off the beer!

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Off to London.


Well finally i am on my way to Gothenburg City Airport and LONDON baby!

My real traveling carrieer started 2005 and I have managed to visit Aruba but not London. Always something in the way… now finally I am meeting the brittish!

Little tired though… stressful morning…

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