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Do not sleep on the floor.

Some final wisdom from Turkey:

– Great food!

– Nice cleaners making the beds in very creative ways each day

– Sleeping at Arlanda (NOT in a hotel) really sucks. It is cold, there are rats and the floor is not comfy.


Future raisin?

Luckily we had a bus driving us to and from the beach every day since the beach was a bit away from the hotel (the hotel was closer to the center and party hehe). I thought the beach in Alanya was nice, although very windy and with a lot of strong waves!

And of course I burned my back, face and feet! As usual during those young years! Lately I am getting much more better of taking it easy on the sun, when getting older you start worrying about wrinkles đŸ™‚

Watch out for the boat trips…

When we were in Alanya with the girls some guy at the beach talked us into taking a boat trip and quote “See some dooolphins! Free drinks free food!”. This sounded great for us so we went for the trip that was going to the Love Cave to crawl through some hole and then jump several meters down from the rock.

Well for me this trip ended up being the worst thing I have ever endured, I did not go to the cave (thank god because they had to crawl on all four in a muddy tight pitch black hole in a line). I felt so nauseated that I was just in a fetal position in the shade on the damned boat for 3 hours wanting to puke (no free drinking for me). AND NO DOLPHINS!

After a few hours the boat stopped quite near shore for lunch, my dear Josefin apparently also felt sick so we decided to jump ship! Took our clothes and belongings in plastic bags and swam to shore. At shore, in the middle of nowhere we waved down a Dolmus (Turkish bus on which you just yell when you want off, no stops really). Then we wandered around Alanya for like an hour (totally lost) until we gave up and got into a cab. The cab driver laughed at us, drove us around the corner (seriously like 200 meters) and charged us a lot of money (for 200 meters).

That is my memory from the boat trip đŸ™‚ Travelling really teaches you lessons of life!

Alanya 2006.

When we are on the subject of crazy girl trips to warm countries, why not continue? After the Bulgaria trip in 2003 we would have to wait until Alanya 2006 before we dared to make a girl-trip again.

This time we were nervous that maybe we are now too old to be going on a “Charter” trip? But we decided that since we are, we will go all out! So of course we brought a flag and drank cosmopolitans on the plane. How else can you find vacation peace among all children?