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Moving on to new exciting things!

You can now follow me on a new adventure with

We have moved this fabulous blog to a new site with a lot if exciting features. At the moment it is in Swedish but shortly it will also be available in English, so please be patient and use the google-translate until we get everything in order!

So please come and see us at our new place and let us know what you think and want us to focus on more!


How did I get here?

I am not sure if this is interesting reading but during my morning walk today I started to think about how I got here, how I became a traveler, how my love to adventure and new experiences came to be so strong.

Well I think I was sort of a late bloomer when it comes to traveling. My real desire started 2005 when I began to explore the world for real instead of just going on a “charter” that includes beach, ocean and booze. So when I was 19 years old I went to Cannes, France, which of course also meant beach, ocean and booze, but still not an ordinary place to visit. I got to meet a lot of interesting people (while when going to Crete you probably end up hanging out with other Swedes). The same summer I also visited Paris and that really opened my eyes to the excitement of capitals! Remember, I had lived in Umeå, Sweden most my life (115 459 inhabitants) so Paris was a whole new world for me!

After that it just continued, my mother moved to USA in 2006 and that opened the door to North America which opened a lot of doors since it is a very large continent (also close to the Caribbean). I met my fiancée in 2006, got together December 2006 and in 2007 we started traveling together.

It turned out that he shared my passion for traveling and since he works in a travel agency it also leads to a lot of travelling opportunities. We have now begun our 5th year together and during the last 4 we have made sure to visit a lot of places, each year it seems like we want to outperform the previous year and that also motivates us to go farther away and see other exotic places!

Sometimes I just wonder if this was in me all along or if it is something that developed over time. Especially after my injury that forced me to give up my primary hobby, one and only love: sports (floorball mainly). I am still very active, at the gym, in-lines, taking long walks, running etc. But my life does not revolve around it as before, now my life is all about the next trip! (And possibly visiting the gym at the hotel!)

Pictures from Palma, Majorca, Spain, 2010.

Long time no see.

I know I have been less active for some time but partly I have not been traveling (except for Prague for my 25th birthday – we will get to that). But now I am starting to feel that my energy levels are coming back to normal, and I have so much to share!

We have a few trips planned now during spring and also even greater things in the pipeline for the future. As well as more trips down memory lane and a lot of fun videos from USA and Prague! So keep being patient – I am back on track!

The next trip is never far away…

Our little collection.

We never buy so much souvenirs when we travel but we are collecting shot glasses. So when we have a party people can choose to shot from various corners of the world. Unfortunately we came up with this idea after our first few trips so we are missing shot glasses from most of Italy, Berlin, Tallin… But no worries – it is just an excuse to go back!

It is getting crowded in there, I think we need to get more glass shelves…

Hawaii broke 😦 We need to go back and get a new one 😛

Love in Waikiki.



Celebrating today with a cheesecake 🙂

More toys.


I like travel, but I also like toys. This means that from time to time I buy some new travel-toys! The latest thing I am trying out is a mini hair straightener.

It is from OBH Nordica, pink and cute, and really really small! Perfect for the carry-on during a weekend trip. Or as in my case, to leave as much space as possible in the suitcase for shopping!

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Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!


My new babies have arrived. My happieness is impossible to describe 🙂 I am Going to Have so much fun!

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