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Poland is good for party.

When in Torun we always try to see what is up on the party scene. Usually we hang out in pubs, sitting outside in the warm summer night but sometimes we also go out dancing. And that is not bad at all! The underground clubs are always the best…

This is actually the year I broke myself, I tore the cruciate ligament and the external ligament in my left knee. Well I did not know that it was this bad when I went on this trip and partied on crutches. I hope that I would be smarter and stay sober if I knew how much trouble I was in 🙂


Back to my town.

Here I have some pictures from my visit in Torun 2006. A little bit of my birth town by day!

My land is your land…

If you have read the “about” page you know that I am born in Poland. But as I do not really live there and am grown up in Sweden I see Poland as “abroad”. So I will  tell you about it here as it’s own destination.

2005 I visited the city of my fabulous birth, Torun in Poland. It is a cute little town, about 250 000 inhabitants and also the medieval old town buildings are on UNESCO’s world heritage list. Also another really important person was born in Torun, Copernicus with the crazy idea that the sun at the center of the universe.

My personal favourite thing about Poland is sipping a good Polish beer (Zywiec) while sitting outside in the warm summer night. This in an example of how it can look…