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Jealous. Really jealous.

Right now my dear sister is in a 18+ and sunny Rome!

Am I jealous? Hell yes! Italy is actually my favourite country in Europe and I have only been to Rome once, and way too short time as well! Only a few days, we really used all days for sightseeing as there is so much to see.

Below you have a very unhappy me because we managed to WALK around the whole Vatican city, we asked where the entrance is and well, someone pointed in the wrong direction which resulted in us walking ALL THE WAY AROUND the whole thing during an extreme hot day…looong walk I can tell from experience.

But it was well worth it! We had to stand in a quite long line but we got in. And  Piazza San Pietro is really awesome. You can imagine the atmosphere when all these people gather to see the Pope waving. Unfortunately we could not enter the Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano because stupid me had a tube top on. Apparently shoulders are really naughty according to the catholics…beware!