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Firenze, firenze…2007

I am not sure I need to say so much about Il Duomo, Cupola di Santa Maria del Fiore. It is a very beautiful church, more impressive from the outside though as I think most churches are. We had perfect weather and Florence is so small that you really can walk all over town without getting too exhausted.

It is really a fantastic town to just enjoy, walk around, drink some nice cold beer, sit at cafés and watch the classy and well dressed Italian people walking by…


Beautiful Florence.

My second trip with my darling went to Italy, which became my most favourite country in the world at first sight. Our first stop on the 2 week Italy Tour was Florence, probably the most beautiful place on earth. There is something about the light in Florence! It is magical!

In order to save money and see as many places as possible we lived in “house tents”, I think it was only around 10€ per person and night and also free parking (as we had a rental car). Below are pictures of the house tents, a really great way to live in a warm country in August. The below is Michelangelo Camping, a lot of backpackers and a great atmosphere! The chain also has campings in Rome and Venice where both locations had pools and hot tubs as well…