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Breezer and Mythos.

Some people have anxiety for showing their pale naked bodies on the first day of vacation. I just deafen that anxiety with booze of all sorts. Let me just say that I love greek beer, Mythos!

Also no music was allowed to play “outside” after 3 am I think? That is why the police came to our party at Grabbarna Grus to check… hehe!


The last of it’s kind.

2007 was the year we went for the last of our “Charter-going-with-the-girls-getting-hammered-trip”. Though this trip was awesome and fun, we started a whole bar on a Sunday evening and also got to drink all night for free for example, we realized that this part of our lives might be over. That we might be a little too old for this type of trip (Everyone was waaaay younger – but we were still coolest).

But hey, I always knew how to drink (still do!) so blueberry-soup-shots, tequila and Mythos (greek beer) kept us company during this week. I need to look back at these memories as BFF just moved to the other side of the country 😦

Well below you can enjoy some party pictures from Rhodes, Greece! I believe the bar most frequently visited was Grabbarna Grus I think? Girls do I remember correctly?