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Sausages and Die Mauer.

2 very basic things, you cannot visit Berlin without eating some German sausage and visiting the famous Berlin Wall! Personally I was a bit disappointed as I expected the wall to be much larger and more sturdy in some way.

I thought that the actual wall would not be so difficult to tear down, right? Small little wall…


What Berlin has to offer… 2007

I would say Berlin is a place of many faces. They have great food, great party, great shopping and also a lot of history! It is the perfect mix for an exciting weekend, and also in order to please several different types of people!

In order to get a table at the top of the TV tower, Fernsehturm, I think you might need to get reservations! We are sitting down in the first picture but really we just posed to snap a photography, the table was of course reserved… Also the restaurant rotates! So you can get great views of Berlin from up there while enjoying a coffee.

If you like shopping, Kurfürstendamm, is the street to visit! A lot of shops but not so much evening action (we lived on that street during this trip in 2007). KaDeWe is the famous shopping mall on this street, it is a huge department store and they have everything you can image.

The last 2 pictures are a delicious dinner at an Indian restaurant, unfortunately I do not remember which one, but we just randomly found it at a cross-street from Kurfürstendamm. Great food is found where you least expect it!

Sun and rain in Berlin 2007.

Back to my first trip together with my fiancée, the start of a long and exciting travel adventure! Imagine that this was something we both passionately shared? Well I can tell you that I did not know this when I first met him!

It is always romantic to go away together, you really get to know the other person during a few intensive days filled with new impressions. We drank Hefe-Weissbier at the airport, visited the Brandenburg Tor, fiancée flirted with some Americans and we also took a bicycle taxi in the rain (to Fernsehturm if I remember correctly – the TV tower). It is always exciting to visit a new place for the first time, but at the same time it is often very intense because you want to do all the “must-do’s and must see’s”.

The first trip abroad together with my fiancée.

I met my dear fiancée 2006 but we did not take our first trip together until May 2007. We went to Berlin over the weekend and neither of us had been there which was nice because we could do all the sightseeing together. I really liked Berlin and this resulted in another weekend trip the following year! (Still the same fiancée hehe).

The first picture is from an underground club we sort of ended up in by mistake, those are the best nights out usually! There are some establishemets along Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße where we started our night (just take the U-Bahn to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz), we just followed some german party people through a strange metal door in the wall and ended up having a great evening with live music. I think the best way to have fun in Berlin is just making contact with some locals, they know best and the best clubs change all the time as it depends on which DJ is playing on that particular night.

This time we stayed in a small “hotel” on Kurfurstendamm and got to witness some kind of demonstration as well? Berlin is full of surprises.

The coolest part of this trip was a fantastic dinner my dear fiancée had planned for us. He made reservations at Unsicht-Bar which is a “blind restaurant”. Meaning that you are seated in the dark (pitch black) and enjoying your dinner without actually seeing what you eat. And of course the waiters are blind! This was by far the coolest and most romantic dinner I have ever eaten. I strongly recommend this – just remember to make reservations! Check out our fantastic waiter in the bottom picture…