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More memories…

It is really so much fun to go through old pictures and remember old times. I though I would share some more Cannes memories with you. Even though the trip was mostly about beach and beer, we still had time to enjoy the atmosphere that embodies the French Riviera. The sports cars, the old houses, the luxurious hotels, the theatre where the film festival is being held…

Note: Tried to make my old-2005-first-digitalcam-in-the-world pictures a bit hotter in photoshop. Still a beginner but trying 🙂


And the year was 2005.

As mentioned earlier Bulgaria was my first real trip without my family. The next trip abroad was not until 2005 when I went to the luxurious little town Cannes  on the French Riviera. Me and my best friend Lina made the trip and we had so much fun! 2 weeks of party, beach and of course boys.  We went all the way down from Umeå in Sweden to Cannes in France by car, so we had a strange mission, to each sausage everywhere we could on the way down.

This is German sausage on the boat. Frankfurter or something like that 🙂 We also tried “Rödpölse” in Denmark. It is the famous Danish red sausage. And of course some strange French sausage as well. I am not sure what it was but of course you need to try new things when exploring new cultures! Sangria was our favourite drink as well (and some Jägermeister of). We really did try what the French and German kitchen had to offer!