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Sick of Paris yet?

I promise. This will be my last post about Paris. 2005 🙂

I know I talk a lot about Paris but there is just so much to see! Another must-see is the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is very large and pompous. Standing in front of it you feel quite small and insignificant but it is fascinating at the same time.

Arc de Triomphe is also a classic, the most amazing thing about it is the 6 lane (or something like that) roundabout with the crazy Paris traffic circulating it. That is a sight my friends!

Les Halles I never quite understood, basically a lot of stores and shops, I did not spend so much time there so I do not have so much to say about it.

And last but most defenetively not least we have my favourite in Paris. Jardin du Luxembourg. This park is magnificent! I am overall a great fan of large beautiful parks in the middle of a busy big city and this one is no disappointment. Fountains and flowers, exotic plants, well managed grass and sculptures. And the most important thing of all, people everywhere! We spent our last sunny day here and it was probably the best. The most chocking thing was that we found this place by accident, just wandering around. Imagine that! A few steps to the left and we would have missed this gemstone…



When in Paris there is a lot you need to see. So far I have covered 2 of the largest attractions but there is so much more. Like the very cosy and at the same time sexy district “Montmartre”. There you can both find cosy shops, stands selling all kinds of crap, fake watches and Fred Perry shirts among other things. Getting there by metro, the station Pigalle is quite close.

The most important places to visit are of course the famous Moulin Rouge with all it’s sexshops and peepshow establishments. It is quite chocking to see it in the open, displayed for everyone to see. At least I myself as a stiff scandinavian am not used to that.

Quite close to all the sexshops you have something extraordinary beautiful. Of course I am talking about Sacre Coeur! I am sort of an atheist but this church could convert me 🙂 It is one of the most pure, pretty and suprising things I have ever experienced.

Last but not least, me and Björn visited Patheon (it is not situated in Montmartre but sneeked in to this collage anyways). We were fooled to buy a tour, but sort of ran away from the guide because it was so damned boring! One good tip if you are young – almost all museums in Paris are free if you are 18 and under (i think). We were like 20 the year of 2005 but got away with 18 so we save quite a lot of money!

The mysterious lady. Still 2005.

One thing that really got me confused and chocked and surprised was the Louvre. Not just because the Mona Lisa was so damned small but also because the building was so damned large!

But seriously, I do not know why but I always imagined the Mona Lisa as a large painting. Not an A4 sheet hanging alone on the biggest wall in the world. Well I guess that is the beauty of life, that it keeps surprising you!

Paris 2005.

Paris is a place everyone wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. I have been twice but the first time I went was with my good friend Björn. We had so much fun and it is always special to experience all these cool things for the first time.

Also it was so cool as it was one of my first trips. I think Paris was a great destination because there was so much to experience there and made me want to see even more!

You can never be disappointed by the Eiffel Tower…

More memories…

It is really so much fun to go through old pictures and remember old times. I though I would share some more Cannes memories with you. Even though the trip was mostly about beach and beer, we still had time to enjoy the atmosphere that embodies the French Riviera. The sports cars, the old houses, the luxurious hotels, the theatre where the film festival is being held…

Note: Tried to make my old-2005-first-digitalcam-in-the-world pictures a bit hotter in photoshop. Still a beginner but trying 🙂

And the year was 2005.

As mentioned earlier Bulgaria was my first real trip without my family. The next trip abroad was not until 2005 when I went to the luxurious little town Cannes  on the French Riviera. Me and my best friend Lina made the trip and we had so much fun! 2 weeks of party, beach and of course boys.  We went all the way down from Umeå in Sweden to Cannes in France by car, so we had a strange mission, to each sausage everywhere we could on the way down.

This is German sausage on the boat. Frankfurter or something like that 🙂 We also tried “Rödpölse” in Denmark. It is the famous Danish red sausage. And of course some strange French sausage as well. I am not sure what it was but of course you need to try new things when exploring new cultures! Sangria was our favourite drink as well (and some Jägermeister of). We really did try what the French and German kitchen had to offer!