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More sightseeing.

Sick of Prague yet? I know I am not! But of course I will try and get you some more juicy stuff from other places as well. I am just so in love with my latest trip I cannot hold it back!

Of course we crossed the Charles bridge over to “Mala strana”, I am not sure how old that part is but probably fairly old? Really nice with a lot of cafés and restaurants – and of course a lot of tourists. We had a break with some glue wine in the cold of course. Charles bridge is swarming with tourists!


Novomestsky Pivovar.

We had a great meal at this restaurant which is also a beer brewery. Their beer was really fantastic, we tried both the light and dark kind and enjoyed both equally. Remember to plan  a visit at Novomestsky Pivovar.

Another great thing about Prague is the Czech food! With cabbage and sausages and dumplings. The Czech cuisine can offer so many great things. Almost forgot the duck as well! Fabulous!

But this place comes very highly recommended, nice staff (otherwise service staff in Prague can be a bit rude), great interior really feels like the old Prague and the food and above all beer is fantastic. Just remember to go there for lunch otherwise you really need to make reservations – popular place!


Culture and sights in Prague.

We were also a bit cultural during our trip, bought a book about Franz Kafka that lived in Prague, I felt very intellectual buying a book in the book shop “Kafkas books” or something like that (old town square).

As it was my birthday trip of course we had balloons, Monica demonstrates something in sweden called the “Ballongdansen” (Balloon-dance) where the point is really to strip of your clothes and shield your private parts with balloons. Something we picked up at university ;P

We also visited Tančící dům (The dancing house) and I proved that I am not a bad photographer! Made Junior press it together! Fiction of course.

By Night.

They really take the Christmas decorations seriously…


Of course we crossed The Charles Bridge together with one million other tourists before us and of course together with us! But before that we drank som punch at the local café by the bridge. It was really cold when we were there so warm punch and glue wine pauses were really necessary from time to time.

On the way home we ate a really good dinner at a very Czech restaurant, the best restaurants and Czech food can be found “off” the tourist roads. Also the prices were much better if you went to a smaller street than at the Old Town square for example. And of course we drank Czech beer. All the time 🙂

My favourite Winter-City (so far).

The big old town square with the special clock (never really understood that one but we managed to get there just in time to see the thingies pop out) is really nice! The best thing about Prague in December are all the markets and Christmas trees everywhere. I myself am a Christmas lover, I adore everything about Christmas, the lights, the trees the warm and cosy feeling it gives me.

Another thing I hold dear is the swedish christmas drink called “glögg”. And in Prague you can get a quite similar thing called “Gluewine”. So it also makes me love this Christmassy winter-City!

And I became one year older.

So as mentioned I went to Prague with my girlfriends for my 25th birthday  which is a very important birthday! You might think this was only a “drinking trip”, well we did drink but we also did a lot of sightseeing in winter Prague as seen below.

I have been to Prague once before, 2008 together with my fiancee. I got the trips as an undeserved love gift and it was fantastic! We also went in december and enjoyed the mild weather and some gluewine.

I think Prague is a very beautiful city and the best thing is that it is not that large, you can basically walk everywhere if you are living in the center. If you are not a walking person there is a subway and really cute trams 🙂