Welcome to the worlds best travel blog!

Who am I? A crazy, adventurous girl with an equally crazy boyfriend fiancée that enjoys traveling and pushes us both to experience new and extraordinary things all the time. Now after a few years I feel that each year we are trying to outdo ourselves with regards to destinations and I am starting to think, when will we hit a wall?

Of course we have a golden rule, at least a few new destinations have to be explored each year, but as everyone else we do have some favourites that are repeated from time to time.

Me myself am born in Poland, raised in a quite small town called Umeå in the North of Sweden and currently I live in Gothenburg. In order to add on to the internationality of my family situation my mom lives in Philadelphia meaning I also have extended family in USA.

So, that was me. Now all that is left to say is that I invite you to follow me and Claes wherever we may go…

Note: If anyone wonders, “Flyktingen” is the swedish word for “Refugee” which my boyfriend insists with calling me  as I am not a “real” Swede 🙂


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