Moving on to new exciting things!

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We have moved this fabulous blog to a new site with a lot if exciting features. At the moment it is in Swedish but shortly it will also be available in English, so please be patient and use the google-translate until we get everything in order!

So please come and see us at our new place and let us know what you think and want us to focus on more!


The Ryan Air Experience.

I have so much fun to tell you about Ryan air and I need to sit down and really compose my thoughts. But I can tell you this, it really took some effort to get to the Charleroi Airport this morning! We were there really early but the 8:30 bus was already filling up. When the next 9:00 bus arrived, we ran, we elbowed and kicked some carry on’s in order to get a seat on the bus!

It was really the law of the Jungle there and the Italians and French people just screamed and pusched and tried to get ahead! Luckily I am not really Swedish and my Fiancee does know how to act un-swedish-like. So we got on. But it was a close call! Haha, so there is a lot of extra that comes with flying with Ryan Air. But we always like a challenge 🙂


We won! Going to Antwerpen in 15 min in a BMW to see Kylie Minogue live …

See ya!

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Feeling lucky?

We elli the tube to the parliment But needed to pee (like the peeing boy- pun very much intended). So we went into This Hotel, Aloft, and suddenly we are participating in a contest for kylie minouge tickets with a limo ride to Antwerpen for the concert 😛 in a fre minutes we will know…

Keep your fingers crossed!

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Number 2….


Working at getting really relaxed with more bubblie…

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Getting into vacation mode.


After some drama at the airport I am now enjoying a glass of bubblie and celebrating vacation!

Soon Ryan air will take us to the sun!

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Snow. Again.


In gothenburg it is snowing again. Me and fiancee leaving this and Going to sunny Brussels for the weekend. 15+ and the sunglasses are packed!

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